FPV quadcopter setup halp

Hi everyone, I’m new here but I’ve been lurking on your Facebook page for far too long now it’s probably time I said hi!

I’ve taken the plunge and bought (hopefully) everything I need to build a fpv race quadcopter. The plan was to try and build it myself but I thought if there were others with more experience out there then it would be a great time to meet them.

I was wondering if anyone knew much about this sort of thing, or if I should just drop into the maker space with a soldering iron one day? Otherwise, does anyone else fly drones who might like to fly together one day?

I’ve built a few quads before and would be happy to help you with this project, message me for more.

Hey Michael, I’m still waiting on the speed controllers but when they arrive I’d definitely appreciate a hand, cheers.

Ping @jambulance :stuck_out_tongue: