FPGA meetup/workshop

(Stephen Davies) #21

Hi Miles,
thought you would be interested in this one. Hope you can make the workshop.

Had a look. Lattice are billing the iCE product as the “World’s smallest FPGA”. The iCE stick has an iCE40-HX1K installed, 1280 logic cells. Not sure if it’s really a CPLD but it lives next door ;). I included resource stats under the Project Examples heading in https://github.com/makehackvoid/fpga-sig/blob/master/docs/board_guide.md to give people a feel for what is possible.

Agree with the "feelpinion" thing. Have no belief that "open source" software is inherently "better".

My criteria for dev software in general goes (descending priority):

  1. supports target device
  2. works correctly/produces working result
  3. can be hosted in my environment
  4. price, preferably free

(Stephen Davies) #22

Righto folks,
have got a simple AVR core working with 9 instructions, more than enough material for a single workshop.

I intend to provide a partial design and get you to complete some of the simpler functions using Verilog. Kind of a paint by number exercise. By the end of the workshop I hope you’ll have a working cpu core. Target instructions are LDI, MOV, AND, ANDI, EOR, CLR, OR, ORI and NOP.

You will be required to do some homework before the workshop, i.e. install the software. This is for purely pragmatic reasons. If you leave it until the workshop you MIGHT just finish the installation as the workshop finishes. My preference is for Vivado but install Quartus if Intel/Altera is your thing. My demos will use Vivado.

The Verilog code should be 100% portable. I’m not using any Xilinx proprietary resources.

Four hours is probably a good length to make some serious progress. I’d prefer a weekend afternoon. An alternative would be to run shorter sessions as part of Electronics Wednesdays. Please discuss…


Working core sounds great .

Weekend arvo would be my preference, but I am fairly flexible for other arvo/evening times.

As to the homework …sounds like a great time to rebuild my laptop in preparation :slight_smile:

(Stephen Davies) #24

How about we aim for Saturday, June 23 1-5pm?

(ian) #25

sounds good.

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #26

Bummer, I am away that day.

(Paul Harvey) #27

Starting with a software-only workshop is a fantastic idea. Let me know the final date, and I’ll set up the calendars :slight_smile:

(Stephen Davies) #28

Hi all,
could someone please attempt https://github.com/makehackvoid/fpga-sig/blob/master/2018_cpu/docs/lab01.md, the software install?

Went through it myself with a clean Win 7 VM but I already know how to do this stuff. Your feedback would be much appreciated.


(ian) #29

I was going to try this last night but the internet dropped out at midnight. - later found out it was “scheduled servicing”

I don’t think I will get a chance tonight, firday maybe?

(Stephen Davies) #30

Thanks Ian,
no hurry. I had it drop out on me mid download. Good news is that the download software is smart enough to pick things up from where it left off, i.e. no duplicated download.


I also was going to try, but have to upgrade hard disk to make space and ran into a pending sector issue on old disk… hope to get past that soon.

(Stephen Davies) #32

Darn, looks June 23 has a working bee scheduled for 12. Is that still going ahead?


… so more disk space and followed instructions and installed, created, simulated an example project.

Was all fine, except took a little while to work out that " Support > Downloads & Licencing" is not the support link at top of page, but down in the page footer.

(Stephen Davies) #34

Hi all,
looks like June 23rd has a working bee on at the space. How about we try for the week after? June 30th, 1-5pm.

Is there any reason NOT to run it this weekend?

(Stephen Davies) #35

Has been nearly a week and no great howls of protest.

The FPGA workshop will run on:
Sat 30 June 2018
@MHV Giralang

@csirac2_ Paul, could you please add this date to the space calendar?


(Paul Harvey) #36

Oops, I missed this. Will do :slight_smile:

(Paul Harvey) #37

Created Saturday 30 June, 1-5PM: FPGA Workshop for event advertising and logistics support

(ian) #38

Does anyone still have a copy of the web installer? When I try to download it the site just reports file not available.

(Stephen Davies) #39

What OS and version are you running?

(ian) #40

Windows 10 64 bit.