Force Feedback Joystick

(Edmund Byard) #1

Greetings all. It was a pleasure to meet you all this evening.

As discussed at the shed I am working on building a open source FFB joystick and at present am trying to assemble a test rig so I can get started on programming the effects the final product will use.

If any one is interested the main discussion of the project is happening on the Eagle Dynamics forum (makers of Digital Combat Simulator):

The discussion is getting a bit lengthy now but on the whole it has been most encouraging, though lacking in some of the more practical details of how to actually build a prototype.

Here are a few concept renderings done by one of the contributors showing what we are thinking the final product will look like:

(sorry, I’m only able to upload one image)

Though I would dearly love to have such a joystick to work with at this stage the project is far from being realised so I will have to make do with a simple test rig in order to hone my programming skills, and it is this test rig I am hoping to be able to scratch together with the help of your workshop.

At this stage I am thinking a single axis lever should be enough to get the basic idea down and I’m hoping to make a basic joystick with a single stick that one can hold between their finger and thumb (much like an R/C transmitter gamble) that is both driven by a motor and read like a regular joystick.

Any thoughts or suggestions you have on how to achieve these first steps would be greatly appreciated.

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While looking for a screwdriver & a box at MHV last night realised there are quite a few stepper motors there for use, including on with gear system that would be an excelent start. Look in bottom right draw of electronics soldering bench.