Email advise

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a new email host for a personal email account?

For “reasons” I need a new email address. My inner contrarian prohibits me from using gmail. Microsoft and Yahoo are also out due to other associations.

After that, I have no knowledge how to judge/evaluate servers…

Any suggestions?

Sadly gmail has eaten most of the email providers - it really is the cheapest (for its features), most robust and most secure available. There’s other privacy-conscious ones like protonmail, tutanota, mailfence etc. around that might suit but are also sadly co-opted by abusive groups and individuals which gives some of those a bad reputation on some networks.

Microsoft is a decent choice and it pains me to say this, but they have less of an interest (and less reliance on it as a business model) in monetizing your inbox than Google. And their security is also decent. I’d usually point people at Microsoft as a gmail alternative. Or iCloud, if they’re Apple users.

Yahoo security is terrible. It’s really not worthy as a primary email provider.

The other “free” mail providers have a precarious existence and are not well incentivized or resourced to handle security and privacy well, so what’s the alternative? Basically it amounts to paying someone rather than relying on free. Healthy business models allow for the possibility for healthy privacy expectations (but do not force it).

Many domain registrars do email hosting as well, as a turn-key service. I’m a fan of as a registrar, I’d probably consider them for hosting my email if I wanted to properly avoid gmail.

I think @jambulance has some experience navigating these choices :slight_smile:

If security is what you’re after, on a scale of 1 to tinfoil-hat, is a 9.5 :+1:

Thanks guys!

Protonmail sounds promising, else I think microsoft might reluctantly win.

I’ve been a happy customer for about 18 months now (before that I was hosting my own mail server for ages, before realising I had better things to do with my time…)

Fastmail is not free (which I consider a plus as it doesn’t depend on advertising or tracking for revenue, YMMV). I’ve found the features well thought out. Easy to integrate with your own domains. The company is Australian (based in Melbourne) - that’s not why I picked them but I think it’s a nice extra.

Dude, you can use emails with completely different domains. I was hacked two months ago due to my carelessness and I had to create temporary emails. I searched for a suitable service for a long time and saw the site on the Internet. It uses a completely different one a domain unlike others. I wanted to meet one girl on the forum and wrote my real email on this forum, and a lot of people read it. Later, various advertisements and other nonsense began to come to him. After a while, I realized that my data was stolen, and my mail was hacked. After that, I always use temporary emails.