Electronics Wednesday 9/8/17

(David Lyon) #1

I’m bringing on some Electronics for discussion and Hacking.

As usual, everyone is welcome to attend.

(Steve Kennedy) #2

Thanks david this will be great .

As usual i will open at 1830 Approx
See you all there

(Steve Kennedy) #3

The space is now open for the great Electronic Wednesday

(Steve Kennedy) #4

And what a night tonight

And we now have ASA filament
Here is a test print

I printed this on the taz 5 hot end 253c bed 115c i forgot to turn the fan down .
But it printed well

(Matthew Ruth) #5

Thanks everyone for having me there last night, and thanks Steve for giving me some ideas about 3D printing.

(Steve Kennedy) #6

No problem matt glad to help and it will be good to see you agian soon