Electronics Thursday - 2015/03/05

(Alex Satrapa) #1

If someone is available to open the space, I would like to participate in Electronics Thursday.

Between introducing my other half to the world of Arduino based on the fine workshop put together by Steven Dade, and playing around with DS3232 and DS3234 RTCs as part of my pneumatic water level sensor project, I hope to catch up with folks and discuss whether the future is for humans or machines :smile:

My intent is to be there at around 19:00, have pizza-or-other-food at about 20:00, and head home no later than 22:00.

Hopefully we can lure some of the folks from the two Arduino workshops in to ask questions about Arduino and how they might use it to achieve some of their goals!

5/3/2015 - Electronics Thursday
(Brenda Moon) #2

I can open on Thursday. Iโ€™ll be coming from a seminar at ANU that finishes at between 6pm and 6:15pm.

If anyone wants a lift from ANU to MHV contact me.

(Paul Garrett) #3

I canโ€™t make Thursday this week but, if this becomes regular, I will come along in the future.

And the future will be machines, not humans, with the period of hybrid transition commencing soon with the first smart prosthetics and ending in 2045 when we upload our brains to cyborgs and go into species-wide deep sleep.