Electronic Wednesday 7/11

(Steve Kennedy) #1

Hi all
I will be openning at 1830 for the great electronic Wednesday

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #2

Guys, a while back I suggested to someone here that I can get some nice orchids from a friend when they next break the bulbs. I can now provide these, but I forgot who it was who wanted this.

Please let me know.

(Rene Konrad) #3

Thanks Eyal that was me. I will try and make it to the space but that may not be till the Wednesday after next.

(Steve Kennedy) #4

Here are the photos Eyal

(Rene Konrad) #5

Eyal, I’ll drop into the space tonight at about 8:30pm.

(Eyal Lebedinsky) #6

I’ll be there.