Electronic Wednesday 6/02

(Steve Kennedy) #1

Hi all i will be openning at 1830 tonight

See you there

(Steve Kennedy) #2

And well done stephen great work everybody

(Ben Paton) #3

@Amr_Tawfik and I were saying today we should do something about that

(Steve Kennedy) #4

The closer one need m6x30mm bolts x 2 .
Here the first engrave with the k40

(Steve Kennedy) #5

Here is a brief case pi done by one of our young member

(Steve Kennedy) #6

Also a big thanks to Stephen D for working on the drill press and getting the table true side to side he still has some work on truing front to back .

Thanks Stephen

(Ryan Mitchell) #7

First successful engrave + score + cut.

Fun night, but there’s much left to learn.

(Also cut on a scrap, that’s what I’ll blame for the janky edges)

(Steve Kennedy) #8

well done Ryan

(Ryan Mitchell) #9