Electric skateboard (hello MHV)


Hello MHV, My name is Dean,
I have been a fan of your space for some time now. I kept meaning to visit you in Downer while I was living in Lyneham, then you moved out to belco by the lake, I kept telling myself I should get out there…
now you are in Giralang and I swear one day I will have to visit.
I am taking this first step by signing onto your forum and saying Hi.
I want to share with you one of my favorite projects: the Skate-A-Tron 4000. or electric skateboard.
I have put together a video of the build.
I guess I have rambled on long enough. enjoy.

(Amr Tawfik) #2

Great work! How much do you think it all cost in total?

Yeah you should totally come visit sometime. Perhaps one of the big meetups that happen once a month to show us the board (because it’ll be in the day time unlike our weekly meetups).


So it was about $360 australian dollars.

I could potentially bring some boards. I have built quite a few.


this board built was basically an exercise in making everything as cheap as possible without cutting too many corners on quality.
I have made quite a number of electric skateboards, ranging from basic to crazy…
I also recently put a motor on a big wheel trike which is a lot of fun.
should I put that in another thread?

(Jamie Reid) #5

I keep thinking owning something like a One Wheel would be awesome – I’m very unco though, probably lots of crashing would happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Steve Kennedy) #6

Next time you get a chance ask ken about his wheel :wink:


Crashing is part of the experience.