Drill Press

(Stephen Davies) #1

spent some time today truing up the drill press table. Think things went ok, front to back and side to side are within 0.25mm of each other.

This took me a while. Could people please leave the large adjustment screw under the table alone.

(Stephen Davies) #2

Drill presses can be improved, especially for woodworking, by adding a second table surface.

Does anyone have some 30mm MDF or chipboard scrap going spare. Sink cutouts from new kitchens are perfect. Say 900x400?

(Amr Tawfik) #3

Thanks so much for the work! Have you looked around the space’s scrap wood? Its pretty messy and horrible to look through but I could’ve sworn we have MDF on top of the lockers or in the welding area.
We were eyeing it off for a new small arcade machine, but first come first serve!

(Stephen Davies) #4

Hi @Amr_Tawfik ,
yes, had a quick “boys look”, couldn’t see any 30mm. Plenty of 16mm and yes I could glue it up from two layers but flatness is key and I find when gluing two layers there is always a little bit of cupping.

(Stephen Davies) #5

Thanks to @spanner888 I now have a piece of 30mm MDF. I will endeavour to get a secondary table started next week.