Does anyone have bearing pullers?

(Steve Kennedy) #1

Hi all
Just having a look at the dust collector donated by Stephen Davies (Thank you Stephen ), since it hadn’t been run for a while , I just hand turned fan and there is a squeak in the motor.
I have started to pull it down to see bearings or something else need lubing or replacing , I need to take the fan off and this us a picture of what i need to pull off

I need the pullers to fit the shaft.
The fan has to come offso I can dismantle the motor


Are either of these any good?

(Steve Kennedy) #3

yep i can give those a go on saturday , if thats not good for you i can do it wednesday night

(Chris Small) #4

How’d you go with this? I have a puller.

(Steve Kennedy) #5

We got a pair that did the job thanks to spanner888 and the job was completed