Desperately seeking random 2nd hand desktop

(Elena) #1

I’m in the market for any medium performance 2nd hand desktop that’s not too special that can run ubutnut/VM/CAD software that I can keep out near my laser cutter.

Having only recently returned to Canberra all my old upgraded machines have been cannibalised beyond usability. Don’t need a monitor or HDDs (but if anyone is getting rid of any, they could be better than what’s lying around here).

I’m budgeting ~$150.

Does anyone have a recent leftover box-that-works gathering dust that might go to a good home?

(Jamie Reid) #2

I can probably help you out :slight_smile:
In fact it’s in my car, so if you wanted to pop by the space tonight I give you the PC :slight_smile:

(Elena) #3

Ah! Thank you! Sadly I have other commitments tonight, will you be at the space on any other nights? Should be able to make it on not-tonight :slight_smile:

(Jamie Reid) #4

Not planning to this week sorry - I’ll be at the space on Saturday for the Gardening Bee though, if you’re free to drop by I can make sure the computer is still with me.

(Adam Baxter) #5

I’ve got a machine that probably needs a graphics card and some new drives, plus a PSU.