Community Meeting 18:30 25/11/2019

Hi Everyone,

The committee will be meeting in the space next Monday night at 18:30.

We’d like to extend an invite to any member who wishes to come along :slight_smile: These meetings are open to the community.

I’ll post a draft agenda in the next few days, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible so you can all plan.

If you have any business you’d like discussed, please feel free to post it in this thread, or email it to me (president at makehackvoid dot com) or Ben (secretary at makehackvoid dot com).


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A rough agenda (times are very much estimates - but we’ll try to not get too waylaid).

(2 Mins) Update on exploration of free/subsidised Google Apps account for NFP orgs
(2 Mins) Update on lock replacement
(2 Mins) Status report from subcommittee into MHV constitution document
(5 Mins) Update on exploration of multiple bank accounts from AGM resolution IV
(5 Mins) Review action table from last meeting
(2 Mins) Has the annual return been submitted to Access Canberra?
(5 Mins) Update on quote for new power points around the space

Possible New Business

(5 Mins) Discussion around review of safety/induction processes and documentation - looking for volunteers
(10 Mins) Exploration of definition of membership
(10 Mins) Website refresh - what do we want from the website? What do we need from the website? (Might be postponed until next meeting and discussed on the forums in the meantime)
(5 Mins) What do you want from the space? What is the space to you? (member survey? Request for ‘vision’ statement type sentences/paragraphs? Could help us set direction, and priorities (outside of the admin we have already committed to)


Is the space going to be open beforehand?

Yeah :slight_smile: I’ll be there around 5:30 at the latest I predict

We can do a pizza order or something too :slight_smile:

The space is now open :slight_smile:

And here is a project i did tonight

From this heat sink.
To this heat sink

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Please find attached the minutes from this meeting - apologies for the delay in getting it out to the community.

19_20.02 Committee Meeting Minutes.pdf (49.0 KB)