Committee Meeting 15 January 2019

(Ben Paton) #1

Hello all,

Sorry for the late notice but the holidays were just that for me. However notice of this meeting was given at the last committee meeting and the date was published in the Space.

Please find below the proposed agenda for the committee meeting on the 14th January 2019. If you have anything you would like to be brought up please email @crashman39 and myself. Or if you have edit privileges on the google drive the working document can be found here or add it to the comments below.

Also a copy of the previous meeting minutes can be found here

If you have been working on a project or something that requires the attention of the committee could you please add it to the comments below or email @crashman39 or myself. It would really help us if you used this format.

Action Group - Name of project
Date of meeting - Approx will do this is more about us know what is the most up todate info
Summary of information - Just enough info so we are all on the same page
Recommendations - What do you want from the committee, if you could make it as a worded motion it will make our job easier plus we won’t misinterpret your intention.
Follow up meeting if required - When will this be dealt with or is more info needed
Who is managing it - who is the contact person for this project.

Also please note that while this is a committee meeting any member of MHV is welcome to attend and participate in most matters.

Agenda & Minutes

For meeting 15 January 2018


1 Welcome
2 Apologies
3 Previous Minutes

  1. Review Action table.

4 Correspondence inwards
5 Correspondence outwards
6. Reports

Any other bills?



7 Essential Business

  • Break in.

  • MHV cash Flow

  • Reach out letter letting people know what MHV is upto in 2018

  • Garage Sale

  • February BBQ

  • Internet

  • Website

  • Reaching out to Canberra 3D printing facebook group to hold meet up in space.

  • ESP 8266 Challenge

8 Action Group Report
9 Upcoming events
10 Final Thought
11 Next Committee event
12 Next committee meeting
13 Close

(Ben Paton) #2

Action Group -Space rejuvenation
Date of meeting - Ongoing informal discussions between myself and other members of MHV.

**summary of information ** The space as it currently looks is not inviting to new members, it is constantly messy and dirty. We all need to be mindful about this and take lots of small steps to keep it constantly clean.

We reordered the 3d printing room and threw out a large amount of stuff to help make it more accessible to people. This is a job that needs to be finished and would be done in a night.

@ian has 90% built some planter boxes for the outside, he and I are going to make a concerted effort on day to sand and varnish them.

We still need to look at painting the outside walls but that is contingent on sound. I need to make a time to talk to someone from environment about this. Is there anyone that would be willing to also meet with the Envroment guy to keep me honest around this?

Recommendations - Plan regular housekeeping times, nightly and monthly so that the space remains clean and that small upgrade jobs can be done.

Plan working bee’s for set projects.

Spend some money buying a cubic meter of scoria from the $1000 space rejuvenation fund, some of which could also be sold to members who are building similar boxes.

Follow up meeting if required - On Going
Who is managing it - Ben

(Ryan Mitchell) #3

I’ll give this a proper write-up tonight when I’m off work, but one thing I will bring up is spending that $4k on tools, and I’ll bring a comprehensive list of all items suggested so far. There’s a thread from a few weeks back, if you’ve got any tools ideas either throw them in there or message me.
To committee: should I count the compressor as part of the $4k? If we do it means we’d have more money in reserve, less to spend on tools (that’s not just spending the main reserve.)
I still haven’t seen that money from the glowforge, and we’d be getting kinda low without it, once the $4k’s gone.

(Steve Kennedy) #4

7 Essential Business
we need to look at some of the up coming events for communities to get more members.
there is one in march i believe.
I will confirm it

(Jamie Reid) #5

Should we really be spending the money then?

(Ryan Mitchell) #6

It’s not our money to spend on anything else.
We can operate, as Ben has suggested (and as we are already doing) in a fractional reserve-like manner.
Much has been discussed since that post, and the spaces finances are, well, a little better off.
All will be discussed at the Committee meeting, there’s really too much to share here, a presentation is more appropriate/necessary.

(Ben Paton) #7

I am going to be printing the agenda tomorrow. So to ganrentee inclusion of anything please make sure it is posted by tonight.