Cold cathodes dun fell off the wall

(Ryan Mitchell) #1

MHV’s loosing infrastructure like mad…
Tonight, when there was just a few people left at the space, the installation of cold cathode tubes fell off the wall. I was not present at the time, however no-one was anywhere near them, or even moving for that matter.
I’ve noticed for a while now some of the tubes have been out, I assumed either the tubes themselves or their inverter had blown, and thought little more of the matter, but I now know this is not the case.
From what I can tell, the tubes themselves were not directly attached to the wall in any way, they were hanging from the inverters, which were glued to the wall.
Of the 13 inverters, all but three had detached from the wall, and the entire installation was hanging from those three alone.
Perhaps not, but however many were left before the fall, I assume just one gave way tonight and the momentum of the tubes falling ripped all but the three off.

There is good news: All tubes and inverters have been tested and are working, so the previously unlit tubes had simply become disconnected from falling inverters and broken solder joints.
Now, time for more bad news: Three of the tubes protective covers broke off, exposing the raw glass and wire. Again though, they all still work, and can be repaired.

Short of intervention, I will repair the three slightly damaged tubes, then re-mount the installation back on the wall, this time, however, using double-sided foam tape to hold the connectors of the tubes themselves on the wall, rather than having the tubes hanging.
If anyone’s got a photo of their previous configuration, or I can find one, I will match it.
Additionally, I will redo the 12v power lines, as a number of the solder joints appear to have broken either before, or during the fall.

If whoever’s previously worked on this installation would like to repair it themselves then I will leave it to them, otherwise I will restore it to how it was to the best of my ability.

Also, there was what appears to be some EL wire inverters sitting on the unmade bookshelves, anyone know who these belong to? (Pic at very end)

Some pictures:

The Aftermath

Recovered parts


Another Fragment

All the tubes and inverters, tested and working

The mysterious EL wire inverters, looking guilty. WAS IT THEM? DID THEY TRY TO TAKE OUT THEIR COLD CATHODE COMPETITORS?

(ian) #2

Hi Ryan,
The original looked like this,
but I wouldn’t stress about making it exactly the same.


(Jamie Reid) #3

This is an art piece that @devdsp built.

(Ryan Mitchell) #4

Gotcha, thanks. I’ll see what I can do.