Cnc lathe donated

(Chris Jones) #21

If the source of spare stepper motors doesn’t work out (or even while you are waiting to find out), please post the specs of the motor, i.e. approximate size, step size, coil resistance and current rating (and inductance if known) as I have a much too large collection of old steppers, mostly of the correct vintage, and I might have something that would do.

(Stephen Davies) #22

Hi Chris,
thanks for your kind offer. Need to wait and see how the US offer pans out.

looks like my contact Dave in the US is coming good with his offer. Expect to have two steppers available for pickup in Ulladulla around the end of the month. Best part is no charge either for the motors, “free to a good home”, or the transport to Australia (Dave’s friends luggage).

If anyone is going to be in the Ulladulla area early November and is willing to pick up the motors could you please let me know via private message?