Cnc lathe donated

(Steve Kennedy) #1

Hi alla big thanks to Hawker college for the donation of the cnc lathe.
Big thanks to Ben for getting it.
It need some work but we Have the technology to get it working


Wow. Can’t wait to see “Uploading…” and see it in person & get my grubby hands on it…

… and cries again never had anything like that at my schools :frowning:

(Stephen Davies) #3

Hi Spencer,
Found a treasure trove at

The space has a “compact 5 cnc” model.

I’m heading over today to start the cleanup process. Will attempt to take the steppers off to see if they are actually stepping.

(Stephen Davies) #4

@Rurik, Ben, if you happen to make second contact with the folks at Hawker college could you enquire about:

  1. an old computer monitor that would have been attached
  2. the live centre missing from the tailstock?

Gift horse and all that…


(Ben Paton) #5

Hey, I am going to go and see them this week as they found some other bits. I don’t think there was a computer monitor as there was some talk about that sort of thing and it wasn’t mentioned.

(Stephen Davies) #6

Am working on it now. Have spindle motor turning and X (cross slide) axis moving.

Looks like the Z stepper motor driver has blown one of the four poles. Will look for the schematic tonight. Don’t imagine this will be too hard to fix.

(Stephen Davies) #7

The monitor would be a b&w tv or green screen. Input is an RCA socket, not DB-15 vga.

(Ben Paton) #8

Ill ask but I really doubt it is there, The teacher gave me everything he had related to it and it was set up on its own work station so I don’t think the monitor would of been anywhere else.