Changing contact person for ACTPG


I’ve been the main contact person for the ACTPG. This has three parts.

  1. being able to open MHV when tradespeople need access.
  2. raising work orders with ACTPG and monitoring their completion (@stephendade) has been doing this
  3. being point of contact for our ACTPG property manager

Of these, it is only the last one that is probably better to be a committee member, and each could be a different person.

I won’t be available to do it anymore, so you urgently need find other people who can.

I’m opening this afternoon for a electricians to check the all night on security lighting to see if that is what is using so much power at the space. But that will be the last time I can. It is only very occasional, although I know we are expecting a visit from Wormald and one to replace the damaged door soon.

Can the committee please work out who is going to do this.



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I live locally and I am available at most times to do 1 and 3. Jack.

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I’m happy to share the burden of all three. I work in Dickson, so I’m relatively close for those occasions that people need access during the day.

also happy to organise all three. since I’m going to be the one paying the bills to actpg (I’m treasurer) it might make sense for me to do the other stuff as well