Tonight @ian and I mounted the safety gear board.


Tonight Ian, Amr, Steve, Tony, and myself installed the large whiteboard into the ‘clean room’. I bought new whiteboard markers and cleaner thingies and magnets.
Tony put some card behind the founders plaques so the contrast was good against the off white wall.


Had a bit of a cleanup this afternoon.

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Looking at the photo of the microwave and coffee machine the thought that springs to mind is shelf. Anybody else?

Wil5on, one of the first people to join the space after it opened in Downer (or Mordor, as it was to other ANU students), was back in town to graduate from ANU after submitting his thesis on real time video feature segmentation using some fancy graph system he built (which I’ve probably grossly misrepresented). Anyway, he’s been in Seattle working for Microsoft and, for the past three years, has been applying his computer vision skills to making the Hololens do fancy Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping using projected point clouds and cameras (again, probably not strictly accurate). He even had one of the Hololens 2 demo units with him that we got to play with.

It was seriously impressive with mind bogglingly good transforms between world space & screen space and the lowest latency head tracking I’ve ever experienced.

More importantly than all that, and the reason why were here in the changelog, he also brought stickers with him! After some furrowed brows as we tried to work out where to stick it, a decision was made that there needed to be a new sticker spot. We found some perspex that’ll look good when back-lit, mounted it using some stand offs and existing holes in the wall in the entry (above the Space Probe) and have started putting stickers on it. I intend to bring some of mine from my various travels and put them up and potentially add some LED Strips to light it up.

Please do add your own.

and if you were intending to use that perspex sheet for something else, let me know and I’ll be sure to have it replaced ASAP.

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