CANCELED 10 September, 10:00 - 16:00: MHV at Belconnen Street Party

(Paul Harvey) #1

This is unfortunate timing with the move, but we have a stall at the Belco50/ACT Emergency Services street party on Lathlain Street this Saturday.

My plan is to bring some ham radio gear (including a VHF tape-measure yagi and hopefully wave it at the sky to receive some satellites), along with a couple of boxes of goodies of member’s 3D printed projects and other things we demo’d at BSides and Belconnen Community Council earlier in the year.

If anyone would like to assist, please feel free to come along and help me out, but I realize we don’t want to take too many volunteer hours away from the move :slight_smile:

Where: The street party will be located on Lathlain Street, in front of the ESA facilities. The ACTION Bus Depot will be open on the corner of Josephson Street and Cohen Street, Belconnen. Please refer to the below map.

When: Saturday 10 September 2016, from 10:00am - 4:00pm

More info:

(Paul Harvey) #2

Oh: If anyone has time to print some trinkets to hand out - I’d be very grateful :smiley:

(Paul Harvey) #3

Just a heads up: I have taken the PrintrBot & @crashman39’s awesome filament reel bearing holder (and the 1.75mm PLA) from the space. I’ll be running it all from a car battery, weather permitting.

I also have an MHV extension cord reel, and some old robotic kits on the off chance someone is interested in freebies.

(Paul Harvey) #4

Cancelled due to poor weather - and I had the printrbot running from 12V :slight_smile:

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #5

:umbrella: Oh no!

It’s awesome you got the print bot running! :slight_smile:

(Steve Kennedy) #6

How did it go ?