Can anyone help me organize some MHV stickers, posters or banners?

(Ben Paton) #21

I was largely inspired by Ian.

(Steve Kennedy) #22

Where did you get the spanner cog and screwdriver image , because I’m looking at doing a makercoin for those that attend the Can Pi Jam and i would like to use that image for the center of the makercoin.
, i found this on thingiverse Customizable Maker Coin
so any help would be greatfully accepted


(Paul Harvey) #23

If you have inkscape you can copy the vectorized logo out of the, @Rurik I think vectorized it from the png logos we had

(Steve Kennedy) #24

Ok I’ll get hold of Inkscape and go from there, thank you

(Ben Paton) #25 (1.2 MB)

They should be in there

(Ben Paton) #26

If not then this one (7.0 KB)

(Amr Tawfik) #27

Wow I’m way late to the game. Just saw these. But yeah you guys did better than anything I’d come up with! Great work!

(Steve Kennedy) #28

hi Ben
thats perfect thanks mate

(ian) #29

The original can be found at

(Steve Kennedy) #30

Hi Ian
Thank you for that