Can anyone help me organize some MHV stickers, posters or banners?

(Paul Harvey) #1

BSidesCBR 2018 is soon (April 13-14) and once again I’ve left organizing any MHV promotional material to the last minute.

I think I mainly need artwork. I need stickers I can put on the stuff I’ll be dragging from the space over to the BSidesCBR conference (mainly soldering irons and tools) but any promotional stuff like posters or banners would be appreciated too.

Work and family are busy and I’m working on other aspects of our participation with BSidesCBR so if anyone has some pointers or even a spare hour or two to help me set up a sticker run that could be delivered in time would be greatly appreciated

(David Lyon) #2

What do you need?

The closest sticker place to where I live is about 50 metres away.

If you wish to discuss I will be at the makehackvoid tomorrow night.

(ian) #3

I had a quick stab at making some stickers, it is all very formulaic cut and paste work.

Except for a couple they are meant to be black and white, but as I was rushing an off shade of white crept in.

Maybe @clixx_io can print the one that looks best?

Ps I don’t know what I’m doing,

Also included, some older logos.

Some content from the before times…

(Paul Harvey) #4

Ah cool - @Rurik has been putting together some SVGs for me, I was going to do a short ~$100 run with stickeroo or sticker mule or something which I think would buy around 300 50x25mm rectangular stickers

What do you all think is the most appealing so far? I’m partial to the first one, Eight.png, or maybe a variant of One.png using the old “dot-matrix” font for the MakeHackVoid typeface :slight_smile: (or is having two fonts on one piece too jarring?)

I’m not sure I have a single graphic design molecule in my body so I will happy take directions

The only constraint is that I need this before 12 April (!) and my budget for this is $100 or less (preferably less), I need >50 but >500 stickers is probably wasteful - @clixx_io what do you think?

Looking at the calendar just now I realistically need to order before this weekend

(Ben Paton) #5

I really like the first one. That would look awesome as a metallic sticker on things.

(ian) #6

I also like eight.png, but here are some based on one.png with the dot font.

I realised half way through if you want 50x25mm the images will need to be 2:1

(Ben Paton) #7

Do you think we should change the bi line from “a canberra Maker space” to “Canberra’s Community Maker Space” as we are the only non institution one around? The other one that was private has changed focus to something else plus it really was a private venture.

(ian) #8


(Eyal Lebedinsky) #9

I think including “community” should make it easier to make a pitch for sponsorship.

(Ben Paton) #10

What font did you use for the first one Ian? I really like the idea and would like to build on it using the logo as well.

(ian) #11

which one is the first one?

(ian) #12

the dot font is called Clubland - I’m not sure where this is from

the ‘canberra’ text is taken from the mhv front page

and the .com text is called Xolonium

(Ben Paton) #13

The clubland one. Yeh my question was full of ambiguity

(ian) #14

sorry I remember where it came from

(Ben Paton) #15

Playing with the white on black theme with the Clubland font & the Logo.


(Ben Paton) #16

Hear is another one with slightly more fill area and a change of font. I am having troubles turning it into a vector graphic but it is done in a 2:1 ratio MHVLOGO.pdf (27.7 KB)

(ian) #17

Does it have to be vector?

(Ben Paton) #18

It probably doesn’t but it does make it easier to use in different ways in the future.

(Ben Paton) #19

And some more (1.2 MB)

(Paul Harvey) #20

Thanks @ian & @Rurik for helping me out with this. I hope nobody minds but I took @Rurik’s files and tried to communicate a bit more on the sticker, perhaps it’s too much - I dunno

And here’s the inkscape svg: (44.6 KB)