Brewing workshop

(Ben Paton) #1

Would there be any interest if I was to organise a brewing workshop?

(ian) #2

Brewing at the space has been received quite well in the past.
its hard to argue with free beer.

(Daniel Oakleigh) #3

Hi. I’m new to MHV. Met a couple of friendly gents when I dropped in last night. I’m a brewer too, with a homebuilt HERMS system. Have you had the brewing workshop yet? If not, I’d love to join in…

(Ben Paton) #4


We haven’t had the workshop yet. I am still mulling over some ideas in the back of my mind. Sorry I missed you last night I had a family thing on. Will you be around next Tuesday?


(Daniel Oakleigh) #5

My current bent is electronics so I’m thinking of coming on Wednesdays. I probably need to limit my time there so I’m not asking too much of my family.

(Andrew) #6

Always up for a brew day, ive got an all-grain rig which is all home made to bring along