Attempted pumpkin theft

(ian) #1

Someone (I assume at least two someones) tried to steel the large pumpkin from the garden sunday night. They didn’t get far, but I have moved them inside the workshop until we figure out something to do with them.

Other crime around MHV this week…

Sunday someone stole a car, raced it around, crashed into a light post near the petrol station then dumped the car out side the gates before fleeing.

Monday someone set fire to the car.

By Tuesday night the remains of the car had been removed.

Pumpkins don’t have legs

(Steve Kennedy) #2

Well the person(s) would have done their back in or had a hernia just moving it.
I did see someone after you left on sunday trying to go thru the car …and he said he would move it that night so he may have bern part of the group that boughtthe car there ?

(Ben Paton) #3

I really want to say “I would of got away with it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids and your dog!”

(Amr Tawfik) #4

How much hardware would it take to set up some cheap small lowkey cameras outside?

I feel like we can start a YouTube channel with this hijinks.

(Steve Kennedy) #5

A pi zero 1.3 or w at $20 and a ir camera (8mp) which from core electronics is $39 not inc p&p and about the same price for the 5mp noir cam from china