April 12, 2016 06:30PM: Committee meeting

(Paul Harvey) #1

Committee meeting! But you don’t have to take part in official proceedings, although you’re quite welcome to - the space is also open for you to come along and work on something fun!


  • Outcomes of previous action items?
  • Do Tony/Peter need our help to balance the accounts?
  • Possible visit from ANU Makers Club
  • Are we moving yet? Are we moving yet?
  • Do we have MHV signage to drag along to BSides HHV?
  • We’ve been invited to speak at the Belconnen Community Council! Paul might have some draft slides to run through with people for accuracy/ideas/feedback April 19, 2016 07:00PM MHV invited to speak at Belconnen Community Council
  • Hoping ANU Makers will contribute

(Paul Harvey) #2


  • @jellyware & @tpack making good progress on preparing books for audit. Then we need an audit, then an AGM.
  • On moving: @devdsp & @jellyware are working on setting a date with ACTPG to meet regarding lease terms/pricing
  • Or we could “Captain Philips” the Avery rooftop bar?
  • How do community gardens with shipping containers work? @tpack’s homework :slight_smile:
  • @mon may be able to come up with some MHV signage for BSides :slight_smile:
  • We’ll stay in touch with ANU Maker Club on possible combined space finding efforts: we both need a space!
  • Great introduction from Ben, Ming & Darren. Finding a persistent home on-campus proving challenging/competitive. Have made inquiries regarding status of old Entry29 building.
  • We agreed there was every reason to collaborate on a common space if that was possible for a relevant opportunity. ANU Maker Club has a strong leadership/governance structure, relative to MHV. ANU Maker Club is more restricted on feasible locations that would work for their membership (student-friendly proximity to ANU).
  • Nobody had any objections to the plans for @csirac2_ speaking at Belconnen Community Council.

(Paul Harvey) #3

@Dexta_Bb and @jjiaoyuwang working on SatNOGS rotator assembly