Any interest in Aluminium Brazing/Welding Workshop?

(David Lyon) #1

I’ve picked up a rather useful skill and finally worked out how to successfully weld/braze Aluminium. Without having to use expensive TIG welding equipment. Joined parts will hold up to about 300-degrees.

This opens up many opportunities to make things in Aluminium for “projects” that you only previously dreamed about.

It will take about 1-hour.

The commercial product is called Durafix and there are some techniques to learn but once you learn the correct way then you will amaze yourself at all the things in Aluminium that you can now join.

If there is any interest, I’d like to hold a workshop to show what’s needed, tools and all.

Course cost would be about $10 which will cover the materials that will be provided.



(Steve Kennedy) #2

That would be interesting to learn … i’m in

(Max Bainrot) #3

Always wanted to learn how to fuse ally together, +1 :slight_smile:

(Max Bainrot) #4

Sorry for double post, if the process can use MAPP torches I can bring in
three mapp gas torches and atleast 2 cylinders, I also have a propane torch
with various nozzles too if that helps

(Derryn Harvie) #5

Sounds good, if I’m around I’ll certainly come along.

(David Lyon) #6

All you need is a low cost Butane Heating Torch and inexpensive Gas bottles from Big-W/Bunnings.

Such as:

Whilst you can find lots of youtubes on this sometimes it’s so easy to learn by actually trying it yourself with everything prepared.

I’m thinking to put a $15 cover charge on which will allow people to have some of the sticks to take home and try on their projects in their own time without having to wait weeks for delivery. I’d do it for free but this way you can have enough product to get your own projects done at home the very same day.

It’s really a must-have skill for geeks.

I’ll include the purchasing link to the product that I’ve found works for me so that if people need more they can go buy it.

I’m hoping that we could do a Saturday afternoon workshop on the 29th April at 2pm.

(ian) #7

Yes I’m interested.

(David Lyon) #8

I just noticed that the time that I picked is too close to the AGM.

How at either 11am or 4pm ?

(Steve Kennedy) #9

11 sounds good

(Max Bainrot) #10

I’m happy with 11

(Rene Konrad) #11

I’d be interested in attending the workshop at 11:00 am Sunday 29 April

(David Lyon) #12

As an example, this is what I was able to do last weekend.

It’s some cooling intake pipe for my cars turbocharging project.

Doing joins like this on aluminium is considered not that easy by the welding guys at work. So I was pretty happy to hear their opinion.

(David Lyon) #13

As a follow up, I’ve been in Japan this last week.

I got to hold a follow up class at the Tokyo Hackerspace:

It went really well. I’m sure it will get used on future projects there.