AGM 2019 General Discussion

Welcome to the 2019 Make Hack Void AGM General Discussion!
Please add any points here you wish to have discussed here, and they will be added to the agenda.
Additionally, if you wish to throw up a “Request for Comments” on anything you would like to propose, this is the place to do it.
In the coming days I will make a final report of Make Hack Void’s finances covering the last year, and it will be published in its own thread. I would like to direct any financial queries into that thread as to keep this one related to all other issues instead.
Edit: You can find it right here!

I’d appreciate it if all the rough details of everything could be ironed out here so the AGM becomes more or less a “yay/nay” sorta deal, as no-one likes committee meetings dragging on too long, it seems.
If there’s any hills you wanna die on, maybe die on them here?
Anyway, let’s try to keep this civil. Well, as civil as is reasonable, at least…