AGM 2019 Date Finalised: 26th of October, 2019, 3PM

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Hi all, an update regarding the AGM.
As has been discussed on various Tuesday evenings over the last few months, and I believe the last committee meeting, the AGM was postponed indefinitely until our renegotiated rental agreement was finalised, so the 2019-2020 committee would have a firm understanding of where the space stood financially from the very beginning. No point leaving them to clear up the 2018-2019 committee’s unfinished business.


We don’t actually have all that long left to have the AGM without being in violation of policy, so the date has been decided rather quickly. My apologies if you feel you have been left out of the discussion, however we more or less picked the first date that wasn’t already occupied and went with it.

Any further updates or information will be posted in this thread, and a general discussion thread will be created imminently to allow members to bring up anything they wish to have discusses in the AGM, or to bicker over the details beforehand.

Just because. I’ll be there from 12:00, feel free to drop in any time from then onwards, but don’t burn yourself out for the AGM.
Something something sosigs and barbq?

As required, here is the final financial report, audited, for the space:

Thank you @RyRyPrime
Thank you @tpack

Minor query (really me trying understand):-

Property & Equipment aquisitions shows as zero.

I thought we had 1x laser donated and purchased one. Is that correct, or have I lost the plot, especially due to lots of absences?

If so why zero acquisitions.

Because their effective financial value is zero. They are consumables, not tools.
It’s not to say they are not valued by the members, nor are the donations of the lasers valued, they are very much so, however, considering for 2/3rds of our laser cutters the price we paid was “Free”, and the value of the last owners was simply “if it’s going to a good home beneficial to the community”, and the one we did pay for, depending on usage and how well people treat it, I’ll be pleasantly surprised should it last more than a year or so.
The same way we didn’t write up the value of the multiple 3D printers or game consoles donated in the last financial year to our assets, we didn’t write up the laser cutters, nor the one purchased, as we also didn’t write up any of the paper towels we purchased either.
If we couldn’t sell it (and I’d argue the multiple cutters donated for free are a testament to this reality), then it’s not an asset.

OK, thanks.

How late is the meeting likely to go?(mainly due to working till 4)

I imagine some things will still be being discussed by then, and afterwards, if people aren’t all burned out, conversations about how best to achieve what has been discussed will go on.
I have no doubts that I’ll probably spend a fairly long time chatting afterwards, and if you showed up around 4-5 then I’m sure people would be around who are happy to discuss things.