5GHz+VDSL2 Internet for the space - actions possible

(Paul Harvey) #1

I’ve had more chats with joffy ( https://twitter.com/Joflixen ), who has a keen interest in seeing more wifi-mesh activity in Canberra and it seems we now have a solid path to getting our very own VDSL2 to the space.

The offer:

  • Joffy’s house is an easy ~1km line-of-sight to the space; one of the light posts near the building could be used to mount a PoE 5GHz dish on, a fly wire down to the roof could have some UTP zip-tied to it, and then on down into the space through a weather boot/conduit/whatever.
  • He sells Ubiquiti gear and could do a pair of 5GHz radios+antennas for ~$400 (I guess https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanobeam-ac/ ? I can’t remember the exact model) which would give us up to 400MBit link.

The pipe out to the internet has several options:

  • It’s possible we could get connectivity to a designated VPN endpoint (our rackspace VPN-VM for example) via one of joffy’s mesh peers. This might be low-risk/cost option to start with, if possible. Discussions are ongoing.
  • There’s some terrible ADSL1 at joffy’s house which could also go via our VPN VM.
  • Or we could purchase an iiNet VDSL2+ plan in Make, Hack, Void Inc.'s name at joffy’s house.

So, all - what are your thoughts?

(Steve Kennedy) #2

Well if we can do it with vdsl2 that would be great

(Rene Konrad) #3

I’m all for better internet at the space. Let’s give it a go. I’m happy to chip in with some money for this.

(Steve Kennedy) #4

Also happy to chip in aswell

(Miles Goodhew) #5

I can chip in for that.

(Steve Kennedy) #6

So are we going to move forward with this ?

(Steve Kennedy) #7

so what do we need to get this up and running ?
I think we Go with the VDSL2 at Joffy’s place

(Paul Harvey) #8

First we need to make trial link work between MHV and Joffy’s place and just sanity-check that it will work. He has (or had) some gear we could test with. That requires two people, one at each end, climbing around on the roof.

Once that is proven to work, we purchase the gear that we need to install permanently. And get the VDSL2 provisioned at Joffy’s place.

But in the first instance it needs someone to work with Joffy on a weekend when he’s free.

I’ll ping him now to check his availability.

(Steve Kennedy) #9

Ok i would be available to help most weekends