5GHz+VDSL2 Internet for the space - actions possible

(Paul Harvey) #1

I’ve had more chats with joffy ( https://twitter.com/Joflixen ), who has a keen interest in seeing more wifi-mesh activity in Canberra and it seems we now have a solid path to getting our very own VDSL2 to the space.

The offer:

  • Joffy’s house is an easy ~1km line-of-sight to the space; one of the light posts near the building could be used to mount a PoE 5GHz dish on, a fly wire down to the roof could have some UTP zip-tied to it, and then on down into the space through a weather boot/conduit/whatever.
  • He sells Ubiquiti gear and could do a pair of 5GHz radios+antennas for ~$400 (I guess https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanobeam-ac/ ? I can’t remember the exact model) which would give us up to 400MBit link.

The pipe out to the internet has several options:

  • It’s possible we could get connectivity to a designated VPN endpoint (our rackspace VPN-VM for example) via one of joffy’s mesh peers. This might be low-risk/cost option to start with, if possible. Discussions are ongoing.
  • There’s some terrible ADSL1 at joffy’s house which could also go via our VPN VM.
  • Or we could purchase an iiNet VDSL2+ plan in Make, Hack, Void Inc.'s name at joffy’s house.

So, all - what are your thoughts?

(Steve Kennedy) #2

Well if we can do it with vdsl2 that would be great

(Rene Konrad) #3

I’m all for better internet at the space. Let’s give it a go. I’m happy to chip in with some money for this.

(Steve Kennedy) #4

Also happy to chip in aswell

(Miles Goodhew) #5

I can chip in for that.

(Steve Kennedy) #6

So are we going to move forward with this ?