3D scanning and 3D printing of nylon cog


I’m new to makehackvoid so please forgive me if I’m using this forum incorrectly.

I have an automatic, chook hatch on my chicken coup which has been bespoke made for a particular vehicle, automatic, car aerial. At dusk the aerial closes the hatch and at dawn it opens the hatch.

When I was making the chook hatch someone suggested makehackvoid but then I found this simple solution.

Unfortunately, the aerial got caught on some rough edges (which I have now removed) but in the process of trying to close, it stripped a nylon gear. It was difficult to get the aerial a couple of years ago so I thought it might be quicker, and therefore safer for my chooks from fox attack, for me to get that part 3D printed.

I remembered the makehackvoid and I thought I could learn at makehackvoid about 3D scanning and 3D printing whilst repairing my automatic chook hatch cog.

I’m retired so I should be able to attend at most times. If I go to tomorrow’s meeting can someone show me how to scan or redesign my cog and print it using a 3D printer? Is that how makehackvoid works? I can pay or make donations for materials if needed.


(Derryn Harvie) #2

With something like a gear, I would think you would be better off creating a model just using a set of vernier calipers to measure everything.

Usually manufactured things are pretty easy to make models of because they’re almost always designed to whole fractions of a mm or inch.

I can help you make a 3d model of the gear, but you’ll need someone else to show you how to 3D print it… Not my area of expertise.


Hi Harvs,

It has been suggested to me on other forums that designing the gear rather than 3D scanning it is a better option so I’m keen to see how that can be done.

(Derryn Harvie) #4

I’ll be in the space tonight and tomorrow night. If you come along we can have a go.


Okay. Thanks. I might be a bit late tonight but I’ll try to be there.

(Max Bainrot) #6

I would also recommend printing in something​like PLA first, as it’s an
easy & cheap plastic to print, so you can fix up the dimensions abd other
gremlins before doing the harder/ more expensive material

(Steve Kennedy) #7

There are great tutorials with openscad on how to model things like cogs on youtube and the openscad site