2018 AGM - Saturday 6th October (with BBQ or similar)

(Tony Pack) #1

If you are a Member, a casual visitor or just interested in the creative cultural organisation (or should we say happening…or maybe it is a Creative Anarchy???) that is Make Hack Void (aka MHV) - come along to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hear about how we are going and help influence (or maybe get involved in) our activities for the next year or so.

Each year we hold an AGM to report on the activities of the previous year, our current financial situation, elect new committee members, and discuss big picture items for the upcoming year, and maybe a bit of politics over a sausage sandwich or veggie burger.

MHV is a volunteer-driven organization run on chaos, donations, and lots of luck. One way you can contribute is by being on the committee - it isn’t hard and we are mostly friendly - committee meetings are held every few months and perhaps a few hours here and there outside of that. So if you think we could be doing better (we know that we could!) - please step up and help us keep MHV going!

2017/18 was an another big year: we have settled into our new premises (realising that we need to figure out how to cover the new rent or renegotiate it with the ACT Government); we still need to decide how we should spend a donation from the ACT Chief Minister; we received a generous donation of a Taz 5 3D Printer from LulzBot/AlephObjects; and we have a number of regular activities that are using the space (e.g Pi Jam Saturday’s, Lock Sport Tuesdays, Wednesday night electronics etc). and we’re hoping that later this year we will finally see that Glowforge laser cutter (we are not holding our breath as we said this last year as well… but very hopeful…)

There’s 7 positions: president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and three “general” committee. So between us there isn’t that much to do… If you can’t make it to the AGM, you can still nominate yourself for a position and vote remotely if you wish.

Current Committee and Nominations:

  • President: Adam Thomas
  • Vice President: Jamie Reid
  • Secretary: Paul Harvey has left Canberra for greener pastures (literally). Steve Kennedy has nominated.
  • Treasurer: Tony Pack is stepping down this year due to other commitments - so position is vacant
  • Committee members: Amr Tawfik, Ben Paton and Steve Kennedy

As a prerequisit for the AGM - the Audited MHV 2017-2018 accounts are available at:
(Thanks this year to @mbainrot for Auditing the accounts)

DRAFT Agenda:

12pm - President’s summary
Financial report including proposed 2018-19 Budget and issues for discussion…
Vote on New committee
General Discussion including thoughts and ideas for MHV’s future:

Donations & Grants
Tool wishlist
Workshop wishlist
Spending Grant money
12:45 pm - Order Pizza or start BBQ! To be confirmed
Meeting close ~1pm adjourn to BBQ/Pizza and/or ongoing discussions…

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Cheers, Tony Pack.
2017-18 Treasurer

(Ryan Mitchell) #2

Hiya, I’ve got a pretty busy week, having to go interstate, but I wouldn’t wanna miss the AGM for the world, so I’m wrapping my schedule around being back by Saturday morning.
I just wanna verify that there’s been enough interest and confirmations, and that the AGM isn’t going to be postponed again?
Cheers, Ryan.

(Tony Pack) #3

Hi Ryan

All good for AGM (and BBQ…) next Saturday. 12 to 2pm

Cheers, Tony