12 November, 10:30AM: MHV Gardening Saturday

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #21

I was thinking it would be a good idea to clean out/prepare the cinderblock raised bed first to get the garden started.

Daniel, you have made me a bit stressed about the chainsaw - it would be sad if we remove any trees, because there are so few. :deciduous_tree::heart: It would be neat to put a nesting box or two in them - in an attempt to stop animals nesting in the space walls! :bird:

Things I’m planning to bring:
Shovel/rake etc,
high pressure water cleaner,
Hopefully some bags for green waste

Other people should bring gardening gloves because those latex ones just don’t cut it for hard labour! :slight_smile:

I like the idea of a firepit, and think we should remove the old bbq (ugly IMHO). I was a bit paranoid that it has a possible asbestos sheet in in - so just be careful! Paving some of the area would be a great idea. There are also second hand pavers on gumtree etc sometimes (if we need more).

(Daniel Iglewski) #22

The chainsaw was only a suggestion for the branches hanging down in the way… I’ll leave it at home and just bring the hand pruning saw :slight_smile:

Have there been any suggestions/thoughts on what to plant in the raised garden bed?

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #23

That question sounds like another poll is required! :smiley:

What should we grow in the raised bed?

  • Tomatoes
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Zucchinis
  • Capsicums
  • Herbs (basil, parsley etc)
  • Flowers
  • Other (please elaborate)

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(Monika Kuppelwieser) #24

Does anyone have pizza oven making skills? We could grow a pizza garden :smiley: :pizza::tomato:

(ian) #25

One vote for cucumbers

(Paul Harvey) #26

Ok, what time is this going to start, we need to start advertisering

(Daniel Iglewski) #27

I strongly believe in Dual purpose facilities…

Pizza/meat oven + Social Firepit…

(Elena) #28

(coincidentally I’m currently skilling-up on woodfire pizza ovens if anyone is serious about direction on such an idea … exhibit A: yesterday’s project:


(in related news Guild is getting a major upgrade to it’s pizza oven this week, and if anyone wants to join any adventures on nerding-out about dough/pizza bases/breads/woodfired madness, by all means be in touch … )

(ian) #29

Image of lizard found living in the bbq on the day

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #30

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the gardening bee yesterday.

The raised bed was weeded and prepared for planting.

Tomatoes, raspberries etc were planted in the prepared garden bed.

The BBQ is now gone to make way for some outdoor furniture. A full load of carpet was taken to the rubbish dump. Jamie helped to cut carpet in half with a reciprocating saw.

(Daniel Iglewski) #31

Good Work guys,

Sorry I couldn’t stay as planned.
I’ll probably spend a day on one of the next 2x weekends and bring the apricot and plum sapling and some iris’s.

(Daniel Iglewski) #32

Hey Guys,

I’m really sorry again for not sticking around.

Just went around for 10 mins to grab my garden gear i’d left behind…

Also took a photo of the daisies and tomatoes, they’re doing really well!

The new timer someone put in had a slow drip, so i tightened it a bit.

I’m still thinking i’ll bring a apricot and plum sapling to put up the other end, maybe tomorrow evening after maybe 5.