12 November, 10:30AM: MHV Gardening Saturday

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #1

Hi everyone,

I decided it was necessary to start a gardening forum post now that we have an amazing new garden space at the new Tucana Street location. It’s all very exciting and there is so much we could do with it.

We first have to clear out much of the old carpet and sticks/stones/rubbish/eucalyptus leaf litter and remove the dodgy top soil in the raised bed before we can start planting, but this work has begun, and we will probably have a gardening bee in the future :slight_smile:

@ian working hard on carpet removal and the discovery of some paving:

The large raised bed:


We will be on the lookout (Freebies/Greenshed/Gumtree) for an outdoor setting, paving materials, railway sleepers and mulch - if you see anything please let us know.

I have collected a few plants from my own garden this morning for planting at the space when the time comes. This includes raspberry canes, herbs and daisies :strawberry::hot_pepper::seedling::sunflower:

Random plants ready to move into MHV:

Hope to see you down at the garden sometime. Please leave any ideas here :arrow_down:

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(Monika Kuppelwieser) #2

Enquired about a free outdoor setting today, but I think someone else may have got to it first. The search continues :slight_smile:

(Daniel Iglewski) #3

I thought with so many “Maker’s” we could design our own outdoor settings and go to the scrap yard for materials?

There’s also hundreds of Outdoor setting, recycled Pallett ideas out in the Innerwebs…

what do we think?

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #4

That’s a good idea, and one that @ian suggested too! :slight_smile: I am off to look at recycled pallet outdoor setting ideas now - thanks for .
I personally won’t have the time in the short term to be making one though :’(

(Jamie Reid) #5

Ok, I propose a gardening bee on November 5th 12th (I think everyone’s Uni is all done by then?). Any objections / suggestions of a different date? I’ll give it a few days and then start promoting on FB etc.

(Daniel Iglewski) #6

I will be away that weekend, but following weekend is good :slight_smile:

(Jamie Reid) #7

Ok, changed to 12th.

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #8

12th is good, thanks for organising us. I am hoping Aaron can bring the trailer and we can take some carpet to the rubbish dump :smiley:

(Monika Kuppelwieser) #9

I also acquired this, one of the only upsides to the pony’s paddock being sold.
We’ll bring it by when the gardening bee happens.
I was hoping to take it back if I ever get my own farm though :blush:

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(Jamie Reid) #10

@ian - are you free on the 12th? (assuming you’re still keen)

(ian) #11

Yep I think I can be, woo gardening!
As long as someone actually has an idea how to garden we will be all set.
[- I never graduated past things in pots.]

(Jamie Reid) #12

Together we shall be victorious (or at least have some fun and learn).

Should we start a wishlist / todo?

  • Clean up carpet etc from large area
  • Dig out old ‘bad’ soil/dirt/debris from the brick garden bed
  • Possibly construct some raised beds to sit around the inside of one of the wood pile / car spot things

(Paul Harvey) #13

Doing another tip run to take the metal away tomorrow/Sunday, FWIW. Let me know if anything in the left-hand bay should be removed also

(Daniel Iglewski) #14

metal was removed? did this happen? this could be used for projects if its still around?

(Paul Harvey) #15

It was abandoned metal that nobody wanted to remove from the old space, the only reason it’s at the new space is because ACTPG wanted an empty building. I’m on a purge mission to declutter the workshop; anything in the right-hand bay is considered rubbish AFAIK; I’ve been removing rubbish most weekends lately, @CarlosPeco and I will be doing another run this weekend I think.

If there are materials you feel strongly that shouldn’t be discarded, try to move them out of the right hand “rubbish bay”, and/or let me know (but we should probably think harder how to keep material in the space without having it leaning all over the benches) :slight_smile:

(Carlos Peco-Berrocal) #16

Hi Paul, my trip to Sydney this weekend is not happening… so I’ll be in
Canberra. Please email/sms me with the day/time that suits you the best. We
can not drive at night, as I haven’t fixed the headlights yet.


(Daniel Iglewski) #17

Should we start planning what we’re going to do on Nov 12th in regards to Gardening?

would be good to have a solid plan and work towards that…

(Amr Tawfik) #18

A plan is a great idea. Suggestions everyone?

(Daniel Iglewski) #19

I’m going to try and get down there this eveningto take some day time photos and ponder over the next week and a half

(Daniel Iglewski) #20

Just took some night time shots…

Fyi, i can bring my electric mini chainsaw/trimmer, and my shovels and such…

And my trailer for the day…

Are we making garden beds for “green thumb’s”?
Or a small chill out space plus furnace/firepit? Reuse the BBQ thats there or remove and make something else?

I have a bunch of bricks in my back yard i can bring to use, and some of that wood in the left bay can be used for making bench seats…

Just some ideas…